Online Registration

Setup an efficient and customized event registration process as simple or complex as you need.

Create custom workflows by participant type to personalize the registration experience and show your customers different programs, hotels, prices or fees. Pre-loaded data for personal invitations will make the process even easier and faster.


Open & Closed Registration

There are several ways to register for an event. It can be an open registration in which anyone can attend or a registration protected by a global password.

You also have the possibility to invite already known attendees by e-mail. They can then authenticate themselves with a token or a direct link and can register faster because their personal data is already pre-filled.


Allow your attendees to bring one or more additional persons to the event. You can limit the number of companions and arrange the registration individually for attendees or companions.

More Features

Booking Changes

With an optional login, your attendees can make changes to their bookings by themselves.

Individual Registration Processes

You can use the attendee type to display completely different options to your attendees and define individual registration processes.

Customizable Fields

All fields in the registration process can be individually displayed, hidden, marked read-only or mandatory. This allows you to define completely individual registration processes for your attendees.

Individual Pricing

Setup different prices depending on the type of participant. For example, you can grant a discount to schoolchildren or students.


Grant fixed or percentage discounts with promotion codes to your participants.

Various Payment Methods

Thanks to our payment partner we are able to offer almost all payment options, like bank transfer, direct debit or credit card.


You can define different sessions with a fixed contingent to avoid overbooking. You can also organize the sessions into different groups.

Hotel Booking

Vivenio offers hotel booking with contingents different room types and individual preference inquiries. The booking will be instantly confirmed.

Additional Online Questions

Ask your participants additional custom questions, such as whether a person would like vegetarian food or has allergies. You are completely free to design the question and answer options.

Additional Information

Do you need special fields that are not available in our event software? Then use the free fields and define fields yourself. These fields will then be requested in the participant registration.

Privacy Policy

Use privacy settings to display individual privacy policies. The options can be optional or mandatory.

Ticket To Print

After the participant registration has been completed, you can automatically send your participants a ticket via e-mail.

Apple Wallet

After successful participant registration, you can automatically email your participant a ticket for the Apple Wallet.

Document Design

Design your own ticket. All documents that are created can be adapted to your company's corporate identity.  


You can choose from different themes to change the visual appearance of the participant registration. If you need a special theme or one matching your corporate identity, we will be happy to make you an offer.

Create Account

If you want your participants to be able to change their personal or booking data after the registration process is complete, enable the account module. Participants can create an account and log in to change their data.

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