New Check-In App

We are very excited to introduce the new version of the vivenio Check-In App to you. We did not only improve user guidance and added offline capability, live statistics and a flexible search, it is now also possible to accredit participants via iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The ticket-QR code can be easily scanned with the camera of the device, but also as before, you can use the application on a desktop computer with a hand scanner. You have combined full flexibility, security and speed in one product - the new vivenio Check-In App.

App & Desktop-Support

The vivenio Check-In supports multiple platforms and is available as mobile and desktop application. The mobile app supports iOS and Android. The desktop application runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Checking Participants In And Out Via Barcode

The vivenio check-in app simply uses the camera of your mobile device. With the integrated QR Code scanner you can check participants in and out within seconds. A hand scanner is used in the desktop application for this purpose.

Smart Search

With the intelligent search function, you can find registered participants quickly and easily by entering just a few letters or numbers. This makes effective check-in easy, even if you forget your admission ticket.

Control Access Management

Use your tickets to assign different access authorizations to different groups of participants. With vivenio Check-In you ensure that the right participants get to the right areas of your event.

Live Sync

Thanks to vivenio Live Sync the list of visitors is always up to date and allows last-minute registrations. Visitors can even register during the event and will then automatically appear as participants in the vivenio Check-In app. They can then be checked-in directly.

Simultaneous check-in at several terminals

The vivenio Check-In app can be used on several terminals at the same time to speed up the registration process. Using our synchronization function, each terminal receives the same data status at all times. Checked-in or checked-out participants or new registrations are immediately visible.

Optimized For Speed

Streamlined software structures ensure high speed and responsiveness of the vivenio Check-In solution. This enables you to handle the check-in process quickly and ensure efficient admission control. Avoid queues in front of the entrances with vivenio Check-In.

Fair Price Model

Use the vivenio Check-In app as a standalone solution or in combination with vivenio Backoffice. In both cases you can benefit from our fair pricing model and choose the option that exactly meets your needs. There are no hidden costs for you.

Simple Attendee Management

Create, copy and delete visitors with just a few clicks. You can even add new attendees on-site during the event.

Print Attendee Badges

Design badges and identity cards according to your company's cooperate identity. Send them to your registered attendees in advance or print them out directly on-site via the vivenio Check-In app with just one click.