Virtual Events For Everyone

With more than 25 years of experience in the event industry, we know exactly what matters for your events. Our virtual event platform combines proven concepts with innovative technologies to offer your visitors a completely new event experience.
We support you on every step on the way, from planning and conception, online registration to the final evaluation of your event. Book your free online presentation today.

Our Solutions

Virtual Trade Fair

Design your digital exhibition with your personal vivenio contact and inspire exhibitors and visitors alike. Use the latest technologies and design interactive trade fair stands with 360 degree product presentations, video chats, surveys, documents, appointment scheduler and much more. Choose from our extensive catalog of templates or design your very own trade fair to showcase your exhibitors and products in the best possible light. Increase your outreach, save personnel and financial resources and protect the environment - with your digital trade fair. We will be happy to show you in a short online presentation how we can help you to build the ideal virtual exhibition.

Virtual Conferences and Congresses

Host virtual conferences and conventions that perfectly combine the essence of live events with the benefits of digital events. Invite visitors from all over the world to your virtual auditorium and hold live lectures or provide video material on-demand. Make use of the latest technological possibilities and let your visitors become an active part of the event.

Initiate interesting discussions and go into more detail within smaller breakout sessions or use the network area to expand and maintain your contacts.

With vivenio virtual you get the best virtual all-in-one solution. From registration to post-event evaluation, your personal vivenio contact will support you on every step.


Cost Saving

Virtual events eliminate costs for costs, hotel accommodations, booth rental and staff. Most noticeable, the venue booking costs no longer eat up your entire budget. You can now put those dollars to use towards other parts of the event or other business initiatives.


By making your digital event available worldwide, you can reach a wide international audience and increase your reach, for the same or even reduced cost.

Event Duration

Make presentations, documents and materials available to your visitors even after the actual event and make it an experience that can be enjoyed over and over again.


Gather detailed insights in real time throughout the event lifecycle to better understand and measure its success. Of course, all data can be exported and is available to you even after the event.

On-Demand Content

Record your live presentations and make them available to all participants on-demand. In case someone missed a presentation, they can simply watch it at a later time.


Design an entirely scalable event that grows with the number of your visitors. Where most physical venues have a limit to the number of visitors, vivenio virtual can easily host up to 50.000 people for a fraction of the cost.


Attending an event has never been easier. Digital events allow your participants to attend while never leaving the comfort of their own home, saving them both time and money.

27 Different Languages

Thanks to the seamless integration of our proven vivenio modules, you have the option to host your event in up to 27 different languages.

Environmentally Friendly

Airplanes, cars and hotel rooms use a lot more energy than the servers and computers to run virtual events. Go green and use vivenio virtual to reduce your carbon footprint.

More User Engagement

Use interactive elements like surveys or live polling to engage with your attendees and make them part of your event.


Protect the health of your employees and visitors and avoid the risk of COVID-19 infection, but without sacrificing personal contact and social interactions.

Social Media Intergration

Your visitors can share, like or post content directly from the platform. Increase your outreach on social networks with vivenio virtual.