The vivenio Backoffice is your personal event management center. Here you have all your data in one place. Manage customers, companies, exhibitors, suppliers, hotels, agencies, or artists and transfer the data to your events with just one click. Collaboration with your team has never been easier. Plan resources, assign tasks, and set deadlines to be sure that everyone is on track. Make the event your own. All documents in the back office can be easily adjusted to your corporate identity.

Basic And Masterdata

Store hotels, events, artists, suppliers, agencies and speakers as master data and reuse it for different projects.

Import And Export

You can easily import lists of participants or export your data to different formats. If you need Enterprise Support, you can also use the Event-API or have us implement individual interfaces.

More Features

Design Documents

You can change the content or design of all documents to match your company's corporate identity.

GDPR Compliance

The Backoffice supports you in complying with the current GDPR guidelines. We provide you with various tools for this purpose, such as: additional data protection options for participant registration, anonymization or deletion of data and many other tools.


Track all key data for hotels, participants, suppliers or venues and evaluate your events with tables and charts.

Ressource Management

Store and book resources with dependencies to other resources. For example, if you want to reserve a laptop and this laptop has a cable drum and a LAN cable as dependencies, then all three resources are booked, if they are available.


Track costs and income and create invoices or dunning notices.


Use the excel import or export function to exchange data with other programs or use our Enterprise Event-API. We are happy to implement individual interfaces for you.

27 Different Languages

Support up to 27 different languages with vivenio.

Contingent Limits

Contingents can be limited for hotels, sessions and talks to ensure that no over- or double bookings occur.

Easy And Efficient User Interface

The back office is structured in such a way that you can easily work through it from top to bottom (basic data, master data, project, registration, reports, accounting, administration).

Data Protection

The security of your data is very important to us. To protect your data, we rely on the latest security standards and exclusively on hosting in Germany.

User Rights Management

Assign different rights to different users and limit their access to certain regions or events.


Create checklists with different tasks and assign them to your employees or coworkers.


Use our newsletter tool to create custom emails to invite or update your participants. It allows you to promote your event and communicate with your target audience.


Grant fixed or percentage discounts with promotion codes to your participants.

Project Management

Create tasks and assign them to your employees or yourself. The tasks assigned to you can be seen on your dashboard.

Project Templates

Define a project template if you regularly create the same or similar events and reuse it.

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